Yogurt & Kefir FAQs

Is it hard to make yogurt?

No! It is incredibly easy. No specialized equipment is required, and as long as you follow the simple instructions, you will get yogurt!

What's kefir and why would I want to drink it?

Kefir is a yogurt-like beverage that contains a host of probiotics for your health. It tastes much like yogurt but a bit milder and sweeter.

How long will my homemade yogurt keep?

If you have used good sanitary practices, your yogurt will keep about a month in the refrigerator.

Can't I just make yogurt from yogurt? Do I need to buy a culture packet?

You can make yogurt from yogurt, but using a culture packet ensures the same quality result every time. It also saves you a frustrating trip to the grocery store, hunting for a small container of plain yogurt-- they are hard to find! If you re-culture yogurt repeatedly, your resulting product will begin to develop excessive tartness.