Homebrew FAQs

What equipment do I need to brew beer at home?

You will need a number of specialized pieces of equipment, including fermenting containers, a hydrometer, siphoning set-up, etc. Our beer equipment kits contain these and all the items you'll need except for bottles and a brew pot.

How long until I can drink my beer?

Start to finish is about 6 weeks, or 4 if you are kegging. Some beers benefit from aging, so if you are patient...

How much beer will I be making?

Almost all standard beer kits make a 5 gallon batch, or about 55 twelve-ounce bottles.

So what do I need to buy to get started?

You will need an equipment kit, a beer ingredient kit, 2 1/2 cases of bottles, and a stainless steel pot of at least 16 quarts (we recommend 20 qt. or larger).

Is it expensive?

If you're brewing for the first time and purchased the starter equipment the cost will be around $175 or a little over $3 per 12 oz. bottle... after that it's just the cost of ingredients and you can expect it to cost only 50 to 60 cents per bottle!